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An X-ray is a standard procedure commonly used to diagnose fractures of the bone, arthritis, infections, and more. The use of X-ray testing has become a substantial element of diagnosis and treatment of conditions. The procedure is quick and painless. Most X-rays take less than 10 minutes.


Since X-rays contain small amounts of radiation, it is unsafe for a developing fetus. Therefore, the testing is not suggested for anyone who is pregnant or may be pregnant. Be sure to tell our medical staff if this applies to you at the time of testing.

Unless otherwise instructed, there is no special preparation for the test. Depending on which part of your body is being scanned, you may need to wear a hospital gown during the procedure. For your convenience, we suggest you wear clothing that do not contain metal (ie. jeans, belts) and to leave the accessories as home, as patients will be asked to remove all jewelry and other metallic objects. For women, it is important to know that a metal bracket in your bra is not allowed during the MRI examination. A sports bra without closure is a possible alternative. Other items to avoid bringing with you are hairpins or hair accessories, eyeglasses, belts, and belt buckles.

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